Fabrizio Romano Battistoni joined to his artistic traditional training, obtained at the I Liceo Artistico di via Ripetta and Fine Arts Academy in Rome di Piazza Mignanelli, other studies and complementary activities such as jewellery course promoted by Regione Lazio and regular dance training followed at the National Academy of Dance.

Under the guidance of Toti Scialoja he exhibited for the first time in 1981 (Il Canovaccio, Rome) as painter and, as a designer and goldsmith, in ‘L’oro parla nel tempo’ (Palazzo Braschi, Rome, 1981) as coronation of his jewellery diploma.

Meanwhile dance took priority in his life and, through different aspects like performer, stage designer, and assistant-choreographer, engage him professionally for about 20 years in the worldwide theatre scene.

In the nineties he focused again his career as visual artist. Although abstract his research started from the human body, from the exterior with the collection for Novomoto biker’s suits, to the interior with a painting series named ’Fluids’ and ‘Gleams’.

All these experiences can be traced today in the series ‘Inner Latitudes’. Originally started in the late nineties and publically displayed with the only work Noli me tangere, these rubber strap tensions have been evolving over the last ten years in private, made public again from 2012.