I always felt challenged to represent the inner motion of the matter that seems to define, more than our surroundings, the edges of our body. Compressed because surrounded.

In the past this research has been physical, becoming myself a professional athlete/performer in exploring the possibility of the body. But also coating the frontiers of it, designing motorbike clothing as shield for fuelled athletes penetrating the horizon.

Gradually this outside process reverses internally and compels me to choose transformable mediums like used bike’s tubes that allowed me to better display some of the tensions of our encased matter. Not anymore merely physical and emotional but traceable as well.

This search starts naturally on the familiar study of tendons, nerves, cartilages that, mastered in the past in order to coordinate my movements, and reproduced at the present with rubber straps, became silent witnesses of the ‘happen’. Stretched and frozen within the frame, in the gleam of an instant.

In this way, denying motion by immobility, words by silence, colours by darkness, I have been able to produce works that are attempting to explore this secret self. Redefining the outside matter with the help of these unknown, but emerged, slabs of inner latitudes.